Pernille Rieker

Research Professor

Pernille Rieker's research interests are issues related to European integration (EU) and European foreign and security policy, including EU's, French, Norwegian and the other Nordic countries' foreign and security policies. She has also done research on dialogue and conflict resolution more generally. She has a doctoral degree from 2004 (University of Oslo) and the title of her dissertation, which was published by Routledge in 2006, is Europeanization of National Security Identity. The EU and the changing security Identities of the Nordic States.

Among her most recent publications are the books  French Foreign Policy in a Changing World. Practising Grandeur (Palgrave, 2017), External governance as security community building - the limits and potential of the European Neighbourhood Policy (Routledge 2016) and Dialogue and Conflict resolution. Potential and limits (Routledge 2015) and the articles 'The EU, Russia and the potential for dialogue - Different readings of the crisis in Ukraine'. (European Security nr 3 2016) and 'The EEA Grant. A source of Soft Power?’ (Journal of European Integration nr 4 2015).

More information about her publications can be found at her profiles at Academia and Research Gate

Rieker has also management and project leader experience. She was head of department at NUPI 2005-2009, and is currently project leader for the RCN funded project EUNOR (2015-) and the MFA funded project Norway meets Europe and work package leader in the H2020 project EUNPACK (2015-). Rieker is also a board member of ECSA Norway and coordinates the NUPI participation in the European research network TEPSA.

Ongoing research:

EPOS project: The EU's and its member states power political repertoires

EUNOR project: Small states and EU's foreign policy

EUNPACK project: EU's capacity for crisis response