Global order and diplomacy

Published: 24 Mar 2015

How does a country’s foreign policy affect the relations between states? What role does international diplomacy play in this picture? And what are special features of Norway?

NUPI’s research on foreign policy and diplomacy deals with these and related questions, and how global and international developments influence Norwegian policies.
Our international relations research examines the emergence of new actors, the changing character of diplomacy and consular affairs, and how the conceptual framework of foreign policy evolves. Insights from this work are often combined with studies of Norwegian foreign policy, for example so as to clarify the effects that new actors and issues have on the development of Norwegian policy.

NUPI’s research on foreign policy and diplomacy deals with both current and historical events, and is imbued with a strong tradition of contextualizing current affairs theoretically, comparatively and historically.

The group is lead by Senior Research Fellow Kristin Haugevik.

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