Research project

Norway meets Europe

2015 - 2017 (Ongoing) Project number: NOR-15/0046

Europe is constantly changing. Norway has close links to The EU and Europe, and economic and political transitions on the continent will have considerable consequences for the country.

With our seminar series on Europe, NUPI wishes to shed light on current European issues. Our objective is to give our contribution to a continued academic-based Norwegian debate on Europe. The seminar series receives funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Norway meets Europe is closely linked to the research project «Europe in transition – small states and Europe in an age of global shifts» (EUNOR seminar organized by project partner Centre for European Law).

This seminar's final conference, Brexit and implications for the EU, EEA and Norway, took place on 30 October 2017. The event was open to the public.

Seminars in 2018:

Europe after Brexit

Islamist radicalisation in Europe - characteristics and drivers

The future of European integration: a new government for Germany - and Europe

The Italian elections and the European perspective

Seminars in 2017:

Serbian Prime Minister on EU integration and the regional cooperation

Brexit and implications for the EU, EEA and Norway

‘Brexit’ and the EEA

EU's Global Strategy: A stronger Europe in a fragile world

EU Central Asia Strategy: Partnership for sustainable development

BOOK LAUNCH: French Foreign Policy in a Changing World

Kosovo and the Western Balkans: towards democratic change?

Election afterparty: What do french politics look like?

Serbia, the Western Balkans and the EU: has progress stalled?

Policy Lessons from 150 years of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

Terror and the sovereign: reflections on counterterrorism in Europe and beyond

Seminars in 2016:

TTIP: Consequences and Implications for Norway

Opting Out of the EU: The UK and Denmark

Brexit – a Norwegian Rhapsody?

Non-allied states in a changing Europe: Finland, Sweden and the new security context

Non-allied states in a changing Europe: Finland, Sweden and the new security context

The EUNOR seminar 'Brexit' and the EEA, organized in collaboration with the Centre for European Law, University of Oslo, will take place on September 2, 2016.

Beyond reach? EU-China climate relations after Paris (seminar organized jointly with the China Nordics seminar series).

BREXIT – the day after

GOODGOV, or what Poland and Norway can do to improve European governance?

A New Settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union... But does it only tell us what we knew already? (EUNOR seminar organized by )

Morocco, challenges in the region and its cooperation with the EU
The Russo–Ukraine crisis and the role of EU

Seminars in 2015:

European leadership in a time of crisis

The Power of Knowledge-Based Networks

Russia, the EU and Ukraine: two tracks and no end?

Transatlantic free trade and its economic impact

Macedonia and the international community

The Mediterranean migration crisis and the role of the EU

Europe in transition – Small States and Europe in an age of global shifts

High time for a European Defence Union

Reform, Renegotiation, Referendum - the UK's uncertain European future

NordStream 2 - A challenge to common EU energy policy?

Seminars in 2014:

France and Europe: a story of reason rather than love

Et transatlantisk handels- og investeringspartnerskap (TTIP) – konsekvenser og muligheter for Norge

The European External Action Service and conflict prevention, peace-building and mediation support

The rise of Euroscepticism and how to deal with it in the EU

Peacemaking: can the EU meet expectations? 

Ukraine, Russia and the West: Challenges and options

The future of the European gas market

Seminars in 2013:

EU and the Arab spring

The EEAS: A Vanguard in Diplomatic Organizing?

The future of EU Enlargement after Croatia

Prospects for EU-Asia Relations 

What the EU does and how it affects the nation states

Transatlantic Free Trade

Defence: And what will Europe do?

EU Foreign Policy beyond the Crisis



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