Cyber is related to computers, ict and networks, and is about both digital information and physical objects. Our research is focused on the many questions concerning securing this domain.

Digital technologies change societies rapidly, and there are great opportunities related to this development. At the same time, our increased dependence on cyberspace create possibilities for criminals to exploit, and vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure and institutions and in crisis situations.NUPI's research aims to understand both the opportunities and challenges related to cyber, and thus contributing to reduce the distance between technology and policy. NUPI works on issues related to cyber security, public-private cooperation, capacity building in developing countries, cyber weapons in international conflicts and threats to critical infrastructure.

Some of the questions we seek to answer, are:

  1. How should developing countries handle digital challenges?
  2. What digital threats are there today and in the future, and how can we work to increase public knowledge about these?
  3. What is the most efficient way to govern cyberspace?

For additional information on our seminar and publications visit our Cyber Security Centre.

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