Political risk

‘Risk’ is a general term used to describe the probability of an event occurring, and the consequences of this.

 Our times are characterized by major power shifts – in geopolitics and well as economics. The established international order is changing, with its centre of gravity on the verge of shifting. From earlier eras we know that such power shifts can lead to new constellations of cooperation, but also to tensions. The probability of conflict and instability can increase. Norway is a country with an open economy, and international relations are a central feature in our societal development. Norwegian authorities and firms are investing heavily abroad; moreover, the country’s demography is undergoing rapid change, and Norway is pursuing an ever-more comprehensive foreign policy engagement. Apace with this growing internationalization, Norway and Norwegian society become increasingly exposed to geopolitical changes in the rest of the world. The consequences of international shifts and events can be greater than in earlier times. That in turn brings a heightened need to strengthen our understanding of political and geopolitical risks.

Among the themes of risk research at NUPI:

  • How to understand the risk picture better, through deeper knowledge of the connections between international developments and the consequences for Norway.
  • How political risks influence the content and organization of Norwegian foreign policy.
  • How to reduce risk in Norway, among other things by averting the possible negative consequences of undesirable actions and events.

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