Training for Peace


Training for Peace  (TfP) is an international program that contributes to capacity building for peace operations in Africa. Since 1995, the program has worked through various civil society institutions to increase the capacity of police and civilian personnel in the United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) peace operations. Through training, policy support and research, the TfP program has actively contributed to promoting several aspects of the work of peace operations, including important topics such as  protection of civilianswomen, peace and security  and  youth, peace and security.

In 2020, the program entered its sixth phase (2020-2025), where the TfP program will strengthen its collaboration with AU through applied research, policy support and capacity building. The program supports the AUC and its partners in preventing, managing and resolving conflicts and promoting stability in Africa.

TfP works with the following thematic areas in the period 2020-2025:

  1. Support the further development of African police and civilian actors in AU's peace operations;
  2. Support AU's ability to counter new global security threats in Africa; and
  3. Development of AU's preventive diplomacy, stabilization measures, political conflict management, reconciliation and peacebuilding.

NUPIs hovedansvar i programmet er forskning og støtte til policyutvikling i nært samarbeid med programmets afrikanske partnere: African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) og Institute for Security Studies (ISS). TfP-forskere på NUPI bidrar til utvikling av fredsoperasjoner og kunnskapsbygging om fredsoperasjoner i Afrika, spesielt angående politi og sivile aktører.  Videre bidrar NUPI med analyse av aktive fredsoperasjoner og den afrikanske sikkerhetsarkitekturen (APSA).

NUPIs arbeid innenfor programmet vil prioritere inkludering av kjønnsperspektiv i all analyse, policystøtte og kapasitetsbygging.

Training for Peace-programmet er finansiert av Utenriksdepartementet.

For å lære mer om programmet, besøk TfP sin hjemmeside.


From the OAU to the AU: Twenty years of lessons learned towards silencing the guns , June 29, 2021