Mali: A Political Economy Analysis

Publisert: 24. nov. 2017

The Malian crisis is the outcome of an externally imposed shock, but a crisis with deep historical roots. Unless these are properly acknowledged and taken into consideration, external stakeholders will stand few chances of helping Mali onto a more peaceful and stable trajectory. This is not what currently is happening. The continuing Jihadist insurgency has spread to Mali’s central region. Trafficking is a serious issue and corruption a major problem, Many Malians have subsequently lost faith in the modern state, and in certain areas in the North and in the Delta of the central region, the Jihadist insurgents have become more relevant than the Malian state and its external stakeholders for people’s livelihood challenges. This report aims to shed light on the structures and actors responsible for this situation, and indicate some of the opportunities, constraints and risks for Norwegian Development co-operation with Mali.