Foto: Kyrre Lien/NTB Scanpix
Research Centre

NUPI Center for UN and Global Governance

The UN and the rest of the multilateral system is under increasing pressure to manage friction between member states, and to act on global challenges, such as climate change, violent conflicts and wars, and the negative effects of globalization.

At the same time, the character of multilateralism is changing, with the G20, the BRICS and regional organizations like the African Union taking on a more assertive role, and where a range of private regulatory networks is becoming more important.

NUPI's Centre for UN and Global Governance is a strategic research initiative aimed at analyzing these trends and assessing its implications for Norwegian foreign policy. The Centre will serve as a hub for research across NUPI’s research departments, and focuses, inter alia, on:

  • The evolution of the UN and other international and regional organizations in response to broader political developments
  • The role and efficacy of UN and other peace operations in a changing global order
  • The emergence of regional and hybrid organizations, and new types of international organizations
  • Changes in the roles, networks and partnerships between states, international organizations, regional organizations, CSOs, and firms
  • The role and functioning of the UN Security Council in a changing world

The Center will be co-coordinated by Ole Jacob Sending and Cedric de Coning.