Guri Bang

Research Professor

Guri Bang is an expert in the field of international climate- and energy policy, focusing on decision making- and cooperation processes at different governance levels (international, national and sub-national). She is Research Professor in the Research group on global order and diplomacy at NUPI.

Empirically, Bang’s research experience covers governance challenges for key countries in international climate- and energy cooperation, with specific focus on the political feasibility of energy system transitions in the United States, Germany and UK. Her research interests are geared towards domestic climate- and energy policy, comparative climate policy, and international climate negotiations. 

  • Research project

    Evaluating Power Political Repertoires (EPOS)

    2016 - 2020 (Ongoing)

    EPOS aims to bring about a systematic problem shift in how power politics are studied by moving analytical focus from states' power resources and systemic features of world politics to the actual repertoires through which states engage one another.