Kaja Sparre Bakke

Research Assistant

Kaja Sparre Bakke is a research assistant at NUPI and part of the Research Group for Peace, Conflict and Development. She is currently working on the EPOS and Market for Anarchy projects.

Kaja is enrolled in the master's program Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Oslo graduating in 2022. Her academic interests include mass mobilization and contentious politics as well as state capacity and regime change. Previously, Kaja has worked for the Norwegian Central Bank in the Department for International Monetary Policy and for the Norwegian Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland.

  • Bildet viser medlemmer av Free Syrian Army på patrulje. Research project

    The Market for Anarchy

    2018 - 2022 (Ongoing)

    The Market for Anarchy project seeks to better understand how state behaviour is shaped by assessments of and responses to different types of risks.

  • Research project

    Evaluating Power Political Repertoires (EPOS)

    2016 - 2020 (Ongoing)

    EPOS aims to bring about a systematic problem shift in how power politics are studied by moving analytical focus from states' power resources and systemic features of world politics to the actual repertoires through which states engage one another.