Øyvind Svendsen

Research Assistant

Øyvind Svendsen is a graduate research assistant and member of the research groups for global order and diplomacy and security and defence at NUPI. He is a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen and he his master’s degree in International Relations Theory is from the London School of Economics.

Svendsen has working experience from the Royal Norwegian Airforce and as lecturer at Lillehammer University College. Svendsen’s research concerns the developments of security and defence policies in relation to European integration in times of crisis.  

  • The image shows Nordic flags Research project

    2019: The Nordics and the International

    2019 (Ongoing)

    Why is there not more Nordic cooperation on the international arena, when Nordic politicians so often express a willingness to develop cooperation in this field further? This project aims to build new knowledge, stimulate debate and inform the wider public about opportunities and limitations for strengthened...