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Ellen Emilie Henriksen




Former employee

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Ellen Emilie Henriksen has been a Junior Research Fellow in the Security and Defense Research Group.

She worked at the research project GAIA at NUPI’s Center for Cyber Security Studies, with a focus on Ukraine.

Henriksen has a bachelor's degree in Politics and Eastern European Studies from University College London. Her BA includes a year abroad at Moscow Higher School of Economics, where she also did fieldwork. Additionally, Henriksen has studied and worked as a volunteer in Central America, including as a human rights observer for the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico.

Her research interests include cyber, security studies, the Arctic, and Eastern Europe.

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2017 - 2019 MA, Political Science University of Oslo
2011 - 2015 BA Politics and Eastern European Studies with a year abroad, University College London (UCL)
2010 Spanish and Latin America studies, Høgskolen i Vestofold, Nicaragua, 30 credits (Norwegian system)

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2019 Junior Research Fellow, NUPI
2018 - 2019 Master's student, NUPI
2018 - Seminar leader, University of Oslo
2015 - 2016 Teacher, Mehamn School

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