NATO facing challenges from the Arctic to the Black Sea Region

Thu 10 Dec 2020
Time: 15:00 Location: Webinar Language: English Available seats: 150

Which challenges do NATO face on its Eastern flanks in the years to come? LSE IDEAS, the New Strategy Center Bucharest, and NUPI invite you to a one day conference.

The challenge from Russian political and military ambitions is evolving rapidly on NATO’s northern and eastern flanks. In the Arctic, climate change and the expansion of navigable waters is bringing growing military interest into the region.  On the Black Sea, Russia continues its militarisation of what it regards as its inland sea with reorganisation and build-up of naval, air and land forces.

LSE IDEAS joins the New Strategy Center Bucharest (NSC) and NUPI for a comprehensive update on the challenges to NATO in the Arctic and Black Sea. The conference is part of the research project FLANKS.

  • To register for this online conference please click here. The conference will take place on Zoom.

15:00-15:10 – Opening remarks

  • Kate Hansen Bundt, Secretary General of the Norwegian Atlantic Committee and Chair of the Board of NUPI

15:10-16:30 – Panel 1 – Security Challenges to NATO in the Context of the Pandemic

Chair: Peter Watkins, Visiting Senior Fellow, LSE IDEAS
• General (Ret.) Sir James Everard, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
LTG Daniel Petrescu, Chief of Defence, Romania
Dr Karsten Friis, Head of Research Group on Security and Defence, The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

16:30-16:35 – Break

16:35-17:50 – Panel 2 – The High North, Between Shipping Routes and Militarization: Security Challenges to the Arctic

Chair: Megan Palmer, Programme Manager, Central & South-East Europe Programme, LSE IDEAS
Professor Jakub Godzimirski, Research Professor, The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Colonel (Ret.) Per Erik Solli, Senior Adviser, Nord University
Dr Rebecca Pincus, US Naval War College

17:50-17:55 – Break

17:55-19:10 – Panel 3 – The Militarization of the Black Sea Region and Consequences for South-East Europe

Chair: Tom McKane, Visiting Senior Fellow, LSE IDEAS and Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI
 MG (Ret.) Leonardo Dinu, Member of the Scientific Council, New Strategy Center
Dr Dan Dungaciu, Member of the Scientific Council, New Strategy Center
Dr Harlan Ullman, Senior Advisor, Atlantic Council

19:10-19:30 – Concluding Comments

(Speakers to be determined)

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