Bildet viser professor Nick Sitter Foto: Ane Teksum Isbrekken

LESSONS LEARNED: Professor Nick Sitter gave an overview of history and lessons learned from 150 years of terrorism and counter-terrorism at a NUPI event on 22 March.

Your weekly NUPI recap - week 12

Published: 24 Mar 2017

Did you miss out on an event, an important article or other NUPI news? Here’s a recap of last week.

What have we learnt in the past 150 years of terrorism and counter-terrorism? Professor Nick Sitter (BI Norwegian Business School) gave a talk on strategies and classification of terrorism and terrorist groups with a historical background on 22 March. Watch the entire seminar on YouTube:

Green future – risks and opportunities

The green transition will shape future world politics – but how? Last week, NUPI co-organized a workshop in Berlin on Renewable Energy and geopolitics together with the Norwegian and German ministries of foreign affairs, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and the universities of Columbia and Harvard. The workshop focused on how a transition to renewable energy may reshape international politics. If a large-scale transition to renewable energy can be achieved, this may lead to dramatic changes in world politics as well as at the national level. 

The Internet of Things – how do we govern it?

Networked household appliances, driverless vehicles and implantable health devices are a few of the many exciting technological developments that introduce great opportunities and considerable challenges – how do we govern the internet of things?. The Cyber Security Forum at NUPI had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Madeline Carr (Cardiff University) for a seminar exploring what often is referred to the fourth industrial revolution. Dr. Carr also gave a talk on the theory seminar Attribution and international society in cybersecurity. Watch the seminar The Internet of Things - how do we govern it? on YouTube:

New special issue: Forum for Development Studies

What is new and different about development as it goes more global today? This is the overarching question in guest editors Jan Aart Scholte and Fredrik Söderbaum’s introduction to the hot off the press Forum for Development Studies issue.

China's Cyber Sovereignty

In a new Policy Brief written by NUPI’s Niels Nagelhus Schia and Lars Gjesvik, the authors analyse China’s ambitions for imposing and strengthening the concept of cyber sovereignty in international negotiations on topics related to cybersecurity and Internet governance (IG). Download it for free here.

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