The task of the armed forces is to safeguard national security and defend the country against attacks.

Research at NUPI is engaged in developing ideas, theories and procedures for the armed forces, in Norway and abroad. We focus on combining the overarching issues of security policy with the practical and technical military challenges involved. NUPI works closely with military practitioners and academic scholars, internationally as well as domestically, seeking to bridge the gap between analyses on the political level and on the ground.
Some topics of NUPI research in the sphere of defence:
•    maritime security
•    cyber-security
•    new technology
•    civilian–military relations
•    irregular warfare.

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  • Publication : ARTIKKEL

    Brexit and the future of EU defence: a practice approach to differentiated defence integration

    What consequences will Brexit have for EU defence integration? Answering this question, the article analyses the new visions for the future of EU defence that emerged in the debate after the Brexit vote. In doing so, the paper moves beyond institutionalism and argues that a practice approach to Brexit...
  • Publication : NUPI Policy Brief

    Why Franco-German leadership on European defense is not in sight

    Emmanuel Macron, already as a presidential candidate, bet heavily on Europe and the Franco-German tandem. This choice, which required a certain amount of political capital, resulted in a number of initiatives, many of them outlined in his September 2017 Sorbonne speech. It also resulted in the...
  • Publication : BOKANMELDELSE

    Tungt skyts

    (Available in Norwegian only): Minda Holm anmelder Jon Hellesnes’ bok ‘NATO-komplekset: Om militærpolitikk, atomvåpen og norsk USA-servilitet’ i Klassekampens bokmagasin. Holm skriver her om de sannhetene som tas for gitt i norsk sikkerhets- og forsvarspolitikk, deriblant forholdet til USA og NATO. Hva...
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