The task of the armed forces is to safeguard national security and defend the country against attacks.

Research at NUPI is engaged in developing ideas, theories and procedures for the armed forces, in Norway and abroad. We focus on combining the overarching issues of security policy with the practical and technical military challenges involved. NUPI works closely with military practitioners and academic scholars, internationally as well as domestically, seeking to bridge the gap between analyses on the political level and on the ground.
Some topics of NUPI research in the sphere of defence:
•    maritime security
•    cyber-security
•    new technology
•    civilian–military relations
•    irregular warfare.

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  • Publication : KRONIKK

    Hva om USA ikke kommer?

    (Op-ed available in Norwegian only): Det hjelper ikke med all verdens våpen om man ikke er enige om når man skal bruke dem. Politiske vinder kan fort snu, skriver Karsten Friis i denne kronikken.
  • Publication : NUPI Policy Brief

    The risks of being an ally

    States join security alliances to increase their level of security vis-à-vis neighbours that may pose a threat. The deterrence logic that was the main rationale for joining NATO in 1949 still represents the cornerstone of Norway’s security policy. However, belonging to a military alliance can also pose...
  • Publication : KRONIKK

    Det klamme toprosent-målet

    USAs pågående press på europeiske NATO-land om å bruke minst to prosent av BNP på Forsvaret har som kjent økt i intensistet etter at Trump ble president. Det man ble enige om på Wales-toppmøtet i 2014 var å "arbeide mot å oppnå to prosent innen 2024". Mange land, inkludert Tyskland og Norge,...
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