Linking National and European Governance: Lessons for Poland and Norway, PISM Strategic File nr.17(53)

Published: 22 Nov 2014

(Co-authored/co-edited with Polish members of the project team Lidia Puka, Roderick Parkes,Agata Gostyńska, Pernille Rieker, Marta Stormowska)Influencing the EU’s governance poses both a challenge and an opportunity to mid-size countries like Poland and Norway. As an analytical approach, “experimentalist governance”—with its focus on the utility of learning in a multilevel system—should offer both countries clues about influencing the European regime. Yet, the relevance of the theory to policy areas of most interest to both countries— security, energy and migration—remains unclear. As part of the GoodGov project, this paper assesses the applicability of experimentalist learning to these three fields and highlights the need for both countries to strengthen horizontal cooperation with state and non-state actors if they are to exploit it.