• Fragility and human security in the Maghreb-Sahel: Challenges and solutions
    Sat 3 Oct 2015
    Time: 09:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    NUPI and FRIDE have the pleasure of inviting to this full-day seminar. The seminar addresses the main drivers and manifestations of fragility across the Maghreb and Sahel including key security threats, governance failures, ethnic issues and resource scarcity.

  • Europe in transition – Small States and Europe in an age of global shifts
    Wed 7 Oct 2015
    Time: 12:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    In this age of European transitions and global shifts, what significance does the EU hold for small states? Is it becoming more important, or increasingly obsolete? NUPI invites you to an open session, with Minister for European Economic Area and EU Affairs Vidar Helgesen, as part of our EUNOR conference.

  • Economic outlooks for Africa
    Mon 5 Oct 2015
    Time: 10:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    African Economic Outlook 2015: What are Africa´s economic outlooks?

  • Challenges facing UNMISS in South Sudan
    Tue 22 Sept 2015
    Time: 10:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: C.J. Hambrosplass 2 D

    NUPI has the pleasure of inviting you to an open seminar about challenges in South Sudan:

  • Current Situation in Iraq: Strategic Views, Challenges and Opportunities
    Wed 16 Sept 2015
    Time: 11:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: C.J. Hambrosplass 2 D

    The Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, has the great pleasure of inviting you to an open seminar with Mr. Nizar Khairallah, Undersecretary for Bilateral Relations, Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Russian nationalism and xenophobia: the regional dimension
    Mon 21 Sept 2015
    Time: 10:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Most studies of contemporary Russian nationalism – be it the state-sponsored version or the kinds espoused by the opposition or more marginal fringe groups – are devoted to the federal level discourse. At this seminar, we aim to bring in the regional dimension.

  • Global Petroleum Geopolitics
    Wed 9 Sept 2015
    Time: 14:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    What does the future hold for petroleum geopolitics?

  • East Asia – Inside and Out
    Thu 10 Sept 2015
    Time: 10:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Professor Christopher Dent explores how we can understand East Asia as a region, recent key developments in East Asia’s regional affairs, and how East Asia is shaping the world in which we live.

  • The 2015 Military Power Seminar: Use of Force in UN Peace Operations
    Wed 25 Nov 2015
    Time: 08:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: Ridehuset

    The military Seminar 2015 is now full. It is possible to register for the waiting list, use the above button.

  • The Global Village Myth
    Sun 20 Sept 2015
    Time: 13:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Patrick Porter presents his book, The Global Village Myth - Distance, War, and the Limits of Power, and disputes globalism's claims and the outcomes that so often waste blood and treasure in the pursuit of an unattainable "total" security.