The Cooperative Security Initiative (CSI) is designed to generate ideas and shift momentum in favor of cooperative security and multilateralism through the OSCE in order to build a safer Europe. 

It is conceptualized and carried out by two think tanks: The FES Regional Office for Cooperation and Peace in Europe and GLOBSEC, and composed of experts from all OSCE regions. Senior Research Fellow Julie Wilhelmsen (NUPI) is one of them. Wilhelmsen is an expert on Russian foreign and security politics and critical security studies at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Her most recent research pays particular attention to interaction and conflict escalation between political entities in world politics.

  • What are Julie Wilhelmsen's main concerns regarding security in Europe – and why is security cooperation so important, according to her? Watch CSI's expert interview, recorded at theOSCE Ministerial Council 2019:

As part of the process of ensuring a safer future, CSI has identified 19 key questions to generate debate to promote cooperative security, aiming to engage an audience beyond the group of experts.

  • Would you like to participate? See the questions, and provide your answers, here.