The TaxCapDev-network, which is a partnership between NUPI, Chr. Michelsen Institute and Tax Justice Network Norway, are excited to announce the Tax for Development Webinar Series. The series is jointly organised by Chr. Michelsen Institute and the TaxCapDev-network and will feature ongoing research and initiatives to strengthen domestic revenue mobilization in developing countries, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. We hope this will be of interest to you and your networks.

The series during autumn 2020 consists of five webinars on tax and corruption, with speakers from Chr. Michelsen Institute and U4, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), Tax Justice Network-Norway, UNU-WIDER and the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). You can read more about the seminar series and sign up for the individual webinars HERE.

The first webinar is with Dr. Guillaume Nicaise (CMI/U4) on Tuesday Oct 20 03:00 PM (CET). Guillaume will present his research corrupt practices, tax collection and power dynamics in Burundi.

Abstract: Corruption in Burundi is systemic. Yet programmes aiming to support integrity and good governance are undermined by local-level relationships and informal practices by public agents. Here, a five-month investigation of tax collectors in Burundi reveals the rationale behind corrupt behaviours at street level. Anti-corruption reforms that take account of social and political pressures could point a way forward. You can read more about the research in this U4 blogpost.

Register in advance for next week’s webinar by clicking HERE.