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TO JOIN, OR NOT TO JOIN? NUPI has led a review on the possible impications and consequences for Norway joining the potential TTIP agreement between EU and the USA. The report was handed over to Monica Mæland, Minister og Trade and Industry, on 2 November.

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TTIP – implications and options for Norway

2016 (Completed)
Research project
NUPI has, jointly with other research groups in Norway and abroad, analyzed the consequences for Norway of a free trade agreement between the EU and the USA (TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

This project was announced by the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries with call deadline in February, and a consortium led by NUPI was later been awarded the project. The project has had a budget of 3 million NOK.

TTIP raised issues about how Norway as a small country can adapt to the international race for free trade agreements (FTAs), and e.g. whether Norway’s agriculture has to be liberalized if we are to obtain the FTAs we need in order to safeguard the interest of Norwegian export industries. The project is an important input into the debate and decision-making on Norway’s choices.

The main project report was presented to the Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries Monica Mæland at a NUPI seminar on 2 November 2016.

The Norwegian version has the title TTIP og Norge: Virkninger og handlingsvalg and is available here. A slightly updated version is also available at this link.

An English version of the project report was published 20 December 2016 and has the title TTIP and Norway: Impact and trade policy options.

The project has been implemented by an inter-disciplinary research team:

  • NUPI has lead the project and undertake analysis in the economic, judicial and political science areas.
  • Ifo Institute at the University of Munich has carried out economic model analysis of TTIP and related agreements involving Norway. 
  • NIBIO has analyzed the consequences for Norwegian agriculture and food industry of TTIP and related agreements involving Norway.
  • Menon Business Economics has analyzed trade in services in the context of relevant trade agreements.
  • Researchers at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo has jointly with NUPI addressed legal aspects of TTIP and Norwegian agreement options, including issues of state-investor dispute settlement (ISDS).


Ministry of Trade and Fisheries


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Considerable gain with TTIP

November 2, 2016

If Norway chooses to join the potential trade agreement between USA and the EU (TTIP), this will gain Norwegian economy considerably, according to a report on TTIP that was published on Wednesday.


Publication : NUPI Report

TTIP and Norway: Impact and trade policy options

This study analyzes TTIP, its implications for Norway and Norway’s trade policy choices. TTIP will hardly be concluded under Obama's presidency, ...
Publication : NUPI Working Paper

Norges plass i partnerskapet mellom EU og USA – institusjonelle og regulatoriske aspekter

  • Christophe Hillion
Abstract Det følgende omfatter to delrapporter som tjener som underlagsmateriale for sammenfatningene i hovedrapporten TTIP og Norge: Virkninger og handlingsvalg; ...
Publication : Working Paper, NUPI

TTIP and third countries: The role of trade policy spillovers

Some recent analysis of TTIP has predicted a more positive outcome for third countries because it was assumed that that trade barrier reductions in TTIP ...
Publication : NUPI Working Paper

Project Manager

Trade  International economics  Europe  The EU  North America

Christophe Hillion

Former employee (part time)

Hege Medin

Senior Research Fellow (part time)

Ulf Sverdrup

Former Director


In addition to the main report, the following papers are available:

Alvik, I., T. Bekkedal & C. Hillion: Norges plass i partnerskapet mellom EU og USA – institusjonelle og regulatoriske aspekter. Includes (I) Norsk deltakelse i handels-partnerskapet mellom EU og USA; and (II) II: Investeringsbeskyttelse og investor-stat tvisteløsning i TTIP – implikasjoner for Norge. NUPI Working Paper No. 873/2016.

Felbermayr, G., R. Aichele, I. Heiland, A. Melchior & M. Steininger: TTIP: Potential Effects on Norway. Ifo Working Paper 228/2016. The paper has been updated and this new version was made available in December.[1]

Grünfeld L. & M. G. Theie, 2016, Hvordan vil TTIP påvirke handel og investeringer i tjenestesektoren? Menon-rapport nr. 57/2016.

Melchior, A.: TTIP and Third Countries: The Role of Trade Policy Spillovers. NUPI Working Paper No. 871/2016.

Mittenzwei, K.: TTIP, jordbruk og matindustri: Modellbasert konsekvensanalyse av norske veivalg. NIBIO Rapport 2/111.

Veggeland, F.: TTIP – regulatory cooperation on food and health. NUPI Working Paper No. 872/2016.

[1] The first version of 2 November 2016 is available here. The results are the same in the two versions, but the exposition of the “bottom-up” scenarios has been improved and simplified, with more text and less tables.

Tue 1 Nov 2016
Time: 10:00 Europe/Oslo
Location: NUPI

TTIP: Consequences and implications for Norway

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) is pleased to invite you to an open seminar where the results from the project "TTIP: Consequences and implications for Norway" will be presented.