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Waging Peace, towards an Africa Union Stabilisation Strategy for Somalia

Over the last few years, successful military operations across Somalia have helped to unshackle towns south of Mogadishu from al Shabaab, demonstrating ...
Publication : HHD artikkel

Sverige, Finland og NATO.

Våre naboland Sverige og Finland har alltid stått utenfor forsvarsalliansen NATO, men da Russland angrep Ukraina endret svensk og finsk politikk seg på ...
Publication : Policy Brief
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End of an era: Future of Nordic security from a Finnish perspective

  • Minna Ålander
With the full-scale attack on Ukraine, Russia crossed a red line for Finland, prompting the country to abandon its long-term military non-alignment policy ...
Publication : Popular scientific article

Hva skjer med sikkerhets- og forsvarspolitikken i Norden?

Finland og Sverige er på vei inn i NATO, Danmark har avviklet sitt langvarige forsvarsforbehold i EU.
Publication : Academic article
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The Mighty West, Two Empires, and the Lost Glory of Caucasus: Foreign Policy Visions in President Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s Rhetoric

This article systematically analyses the foreign policy visions of the first President of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia. Specifically, it looks at the perceptions ...
Publication : Academic article
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Post Post-Sovjet, stil og opprør: Symbolikk og subversiv nasjonalisme i Gosja Rubtsjinskijs «nye Russland»

This article explores the resonance enjoyed by streetwear designer Gosha Rubchinskiy among young Russians, and the extensive network that has emerged ...
Publication : Academic article
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ASEAN’s energy transition: how to attract more investment in renewable energy

The energy transition is progressing slowly in the ten member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). To achieve ASEAN’s target ...
Publication : Academic article
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Are renewable energy sources more evenly distributed than fossil fuels?

The energy transition literature assumes that renewable energy sources are more evenly distributed globally than fossil fuels. This assumption implies ...
Publication : Academic chapter
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International Cooperation in the Arctic 2035 – The Four Scenarios

The Arctic has always fascinated people; its history, its present, and its future. The future of the Arctic has increasingly become a subject of academic ...