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Evolving Japan–NATO Relations in the Leadup to the Madrid Summit

In response to growing security concerns in East Asia, Japan has increased its engagement with NATO at both the organisational and individual member-state ...

The African Union’s Civilian Strategic Support Group

Since 2006, the African Union has played an active role in strengthening civilian engagement across its Peace Support Operations (PSOs) through the development ...
The Ukraine War and Food Security Consequences for Norways Partner Countries.PNG

The Ukraine War and Food Security: Consequences for Norway’s Partner Countries

The war in Ukraine is causing disruptions in global food supplies, with grave consequences for many developing countries. Both Ukraine and Russia are ...
Publication : Research Article
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Global networks in national governance? Changes of professional expertise in Amazon environmental governance

In 2019, wildfires in the Amazon renewed international concern about Brazilian environmental policy, led by Jair Bolsonaro. As one of the biggest repositories ...
Publication : Podcast

Norden og Nato – med Joakim Reigstad og Kristin Haugevik

Podcast (in Norwegian) about the war in Ukraine, Nordic security cooperation and Sweden and Finland paths to NATO membership.
Publication : Podcast

Krig i Europa – Hva skjer med Nordens forsvars- og sikkerhetspolitikk?

Podcast (in Norwegian) about Nordic security cooperation in the past and present, and how the war in Ukraine is affecting the Nordic states’ security ...
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Krig i en verden av fremmed intelligens

This chapter investigates a number of issues related to the ongoing debates around artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of geopolitics ...
Publication : Scientific article
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The unsolicited rocket: a story of science, technology, and future wars

This article investigates the puzzling case of the unsolicited rocket: a Norwegian research establishment successfully developed a weapon system that ...
Europeisk helsesammarbeid etter covid-19 pandemien.PNG

Europeisk helsesamarbeid etter covid-19 pandemien

  • Frode Veggeland
  • Martin S. Time
Covid-19 pandemien er en av de største krisene i verden etter 1945. I Europa ble nasjonale myndigheter og EU-systemet utfordret med tanke på hvordan krisen ...
Publication : Article
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Private infrastructure in weaponized interdependence

The ability of states to exploit private resources at an international level is an increasingly salient political issue. In explaining the mechanisms ...
Publication : Interview
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Her skal Norden forsvares

Interview about key strategic locations for defence of the Nordics.
Publication : Seminar
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Seminar on air power at the Swedish Defence University, organized by The Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences.