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Publication : Op-ed
Norge må se det nye EU.PNG

Norge må se det nye EU

In this op-ed, Svendsen and Riddervold present the latest developments in the EU, particularly related to health policy. In particular, the authors present ...

The Politics of Third Countries in EU Security and Defence: Norway, Brexit and Beyond

This book examines security and defence cooperation between the EU and third countries, in particular the United Kingdom and Norway. Brexit has placed ...

Theorizing Public Performances for International Negotiations

This article theorizes how public performances matter in international negotiations. Studies of international negotiations are predominantly focused on ...
Publication : Podcast

Liberal halvtime: En lang samtale med Julie Wilhelmsen om Russland

(This podcast episode is in Norwegian). In episode 343 of the think tank Civita's 'Liberal halvtime', Senior research Fellow Julie Wilhelmsen ...
Publication : Report
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Recalibration of Norway's development aid to Africa based on Africa's agricultural response measures to the Ukraine war

As the world grapples with the fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an adage comes to mind: In every crisis, there is an opportunity.
Publication : Event
Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 10.47.02.png

Etter bruddet ­- hvor går Storbritannia post Brexit?

Hvor går veien videre for Storbritannia? Finnes det «en tredje vei», mer eller mindre fristilt fra EU og EØS-lignende avtaler, som sikrer at både hennen ...
Publication : Innsikt og kommentar
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The Ukraine war and the NATO responses in the Baltic and the High North regions

24. mars møttes NATOs regjeringssjefer i Brussel. for å diskutere krigen i Ukraina. Seniorforsker Karsten Friis snakker i denne podkasten, som er spilt ...
Publication : Research Paper
Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 12.26.01.png

Keeping up with the emerging European Defence Union: synchronising third country participation

  • Steven Blockmans
Years of underspending combined with off-the-shelf weapons deliveries to support the Ukrainian armed forces has confronted EU countries with a threefold ...

Orbán’s racism shouldn’t come as a surpise

September 10, 2022

This op-ed was published 10.09.22

Publication : Debatt
Karsten Friis.PNG

Hva betyr EU for sikkerheten i Europa?

(This debate is in Norwegian): I forbindelse med Russlands invasjon av Ukraina, har EU fått betydelig anerkjennelse for sine omfattende og resolutte bidrag, ...
Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 13.37.41.png

States of Disorder, Ecosystems of Governance: Complexity Theory Applied to UN Statebuilding in the DRC and South Sudan

Dr Andrew Tchie reviews the book "States of Disorder, Ecosystems of Governance: Complexity Theory Applied to UN Statebuilding in the DRCand SOuth ...
Publication : Policy Brief
Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 11.10.37.png

Technological Determinism and Challenges to Deterrence in Southern Asia

  • Rabia Akhtar
Southern Asian strategic stability is fragile with multiple challenges affecting crisis stability, deterrence stability, and arms race stability. With ...