There are opportunities and challenges relating to our highly digital age. At NUPI, our research is focused on the security-related aspects of the digital age

For information on our research, seminars and publications on cyber, visit NUPI's Centre for Digitalization and Cyber Security Studies.

Cyber is related to computers, information technology and digital networks and refers to both digital information and physical objects/infrastructure. 

Digital technologies change societies rapidly. There are great opportunities related to this development. At the same time, our increased dependence on digital solutions create societal and security vulnerabilities. NUPI works on issues related to cybersecurity, global cyber governance and international cyber norms, capacity building in developing countries, public-private cooperation, democracies and digital threats, cyber-weapons in international conflicts and threats to critical infrastructure.

Our aim is to produce high-quality research relevant to academic and policy debates. 

Some of the questions we address are:

  • What digital threats are there today and how can we work to increase awareness of these challenges and of potential responses?
  • How should developing countries handle digital challenges?
  • What is the most efficient way to govern cyberspace – now and in the future?