All content about Defence and security

  • Breakfast seminar: NATO and Collective Defence in the 21st Century
    Tue 25 Apr 2017
    Time: 08:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Is NATO delivering? NUPI researcher Karsten Friis provides a thorough assessment of the on-going debates and discussions taking place within and outside of NATO in Europe and North America in his most recent book. Welcome to this book launch seminar.

  • Breakfast seminar: American security policy under President Trump
    Tue 2 May 2017
    Time: 08:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    During the first three months of his presidency, Donald Trump’s security policy has diverted from his campaign promises.

  • Life on the Frontlines of American Diplomacy
    Thu 4 May 2017
    Time: 11:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    The US and North Korea are on the brink of conflict. But what does North Korea really want? Is the country aiming for a new deal with the international community? NUPI has the pleasure of hosting Ambassador Christopher R. Hill, who was Head of the U.S. delegation in the 2005 negotiations for a nuclear deal with North Korea. Through his carreer, Hill has made a huge contribution to peace and diplomacy in some of the world's most vulnerable areas.

  • Fighting international terrorism the French way
    Thu 11 May 2017
    Time: 10:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    In this seminar Pernille Rieker will present a chapter in her forthcoming book “French Foreign Policy in a Changing world. Practicing the Grandeur”.

  • Lunch seminar: Al-Qaida in Afghanistan - an alternative perspective
    Mon 12 Jun 2017
    Time: 11:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    The Consortium for research on terrorism and crime has the pleasure of welcoming Anne Stenersen to talk about her book that gives a new perspective on al-Qaida.

  • EU's new external migration policy: just old wine in new bottles?
    Mon 5 Jun 2017
    Time: 10:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: Kjelleren, Litteraturhuset

    NUPI has the pleasure of inviting you to Kjelleren at Litteraturhuset to discuss EUs new framework that is meant to cope with the migration crisis better than before.

  • Cyber as a strategic dimension in National Security - The Israeli perspective
    Thu 17 Aug 2017
    Time: 13:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Politically motivated cyber-attacks are on the rise internationally. Such attacks can cause serious damage to the most sensitive security organizations and critical infrastructures. As a result, cyber is now often regarded as the fifth warfare and defense dimension after land, sea, air and space.

  • Breakfast seminar: Japan’s Security and Foreign Policy Challenges on the Korean Peninsula
    Mon 16 Oct 2017
    Time: 08:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    North Korea’s rapid progress in developing nuclear and missile programs has posed a grave security threat to the international community. Dr. Junya Nishino visits NUPI to discuss this threat from a Japanese point of view.

  • Military Power Seminar 2017 - The Defence of Europe
    Tue 21 Nov 2017
    Time: 08:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: Ridehuset, Akershus Fortress

    With a Europe in great change and Russia as the neighbour in the East, Norway is up against some big defence questions in the years to come. This year's Military Power Seminar hosted by Norwegian Defence University College and NUPI, will take a close look at these challenges.

  • Theory Seminar: The emergence of modern world politics
    Thu 10 Mar 2016
    Time: 13:15 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    NUPI has the pleasure of inviting you to a theory seminar with Mathias Albert from the Bielefeld University. The presentation is based on parts of his forthcoming book "A Theory of World Politics", Cambridge University Press, which will be out this Spring.