Strengthening partnerships to improve civilian capacity

Publisert: 7. juni 2012

On behalf of the CivCap Network, NUPI is organizing a consultation in New York in order to strengthen partnerships to improve civilian capacity in the aftermath of conflict. The meeting will be held on 13 June.

This meeting provides an opportunity for more than 40 technical experts from the international civilian training and rostering community to engage with the UN CivCap Team, and to provide feedback on its work towards stronger partnerships.

A key part of this is CAPMATCH, a self-service online platform being developed by the UN CivCapTeam whose purpose is to better match the demand and supply of specialized civilian capacities for countries emerging from conflict.

Click here to read more about CapMatch, the meeting agenda and the participants.

Former initiatives
In March 2011 the Senior Advisory Group on Civilian Capacity in the Aftermath of Conflict highlighted, in an independent report, the critical shortage of civilian capacities needed to secure sustainable peace for communities emerging from conflict.

The report acknowledged the challenges faced by the United Nations to both recruit and deploy the civilian expertise required, and the problems the UN face when transferring skills and knowledge to national actors.

As a response NUPI, in association with the UN CivCap Team, hosted a Mobilizing Civilian Capacity Consultation in New York in 14 June 2011. This year’s consultation is a follow up event seeking to strengthen the partnerships established.

Click here to read more about the Civilian Capacity initiative research project.