Changing representations of Poles in Norway: what can this mean for the future of Polish diaspora?

Book title: Transnational Polish Families in Norway. Social Capital, Integration, Institutions and Care

Publisert: 6. apr. 2018

The aim of this chapter was to examine how the perception of Polish migrants had evolved in Norway in a longer historical perspective and how this evolution of perceptions may influence the situation of the Polish diaspora in Norway. The study is based on the analysis of the content of Norwegian media in two periods – prior to the 2004 EU enlargement and in 2014. The study maps how the situation of Poles in Norway has been presented in main media outlets, how the Polish community in Norway has been framed and how those perceptions have evolved during the last decade. The chapter maps whether the issue of Polish migration to Norway has been politicised in the aftermath of the massive inflow of Polish labour migrants after 2004 and how those attempts at politicisation of the issue of Polish migration in particular, and migration in more general terms, may impact on the situation of the Polish diaspora in Norway.