Introduction. UN peace operations: Adapting to a new global order?

Book title: United Nations Peace Operations in a Changing Global Order

Publisert: 3. nov. 2018

The introduction identifies four transformations in the global order, whose implications on the UN peace operations are studied in the remainder of the volume. These four transformations are:

(1) the rebalancing of relations between states of the global North and the global South;
(2) the rise of regional organisations as providers of peace;
(3) the rise of violent extremism and fundamentalist non-state actors; and
(4) increasing demands from non-state actors for greater emphasis on human security.

With the entry of new actors from the global South as important players in the peace arena, we are entering a more pragmatic era of UN peace operations. At the same time, the UN is facing a classic struggle between the promotion of liberal international norms and realist security concerns.