Peacebuilding, Ownership, and Sovereignty from New York to Monrovia: A multi-sited Ethnographic Approach

Publisert: 10. aug. 2015

How does peacebuilding organize people within systems of power and authority? In this dissertation I address the ways in which current global peacebuilding processes challenge established notions of the state and different conceptions of sovereignty. Adopting a studying-through approach further enabled me to trace aspects and activities across several organizational levels and geographical sites during fieldwork; (i) the UN Security Council, (ii) peacebuilding bureaucracy and policy making in DPKO in New York, (iii) the implementation level and peacebuilding process in Liberia. Peacebuilding activities turned Liberia into an object of governing. This produced certain paradoxical processes, whereby the UN, in seeking to build the state, also became the state.

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