Red Arctic? Affective Geopolitics and the 2007 Russian Flag-planting Incident in the Central Arctic Ocean

Publisert: 5. apr. 2021

This chapter discusses visual representation and Arctic geopolitics, exploring how the image of the flag planted on the Arctic seabed by Russia has persisted as a core visual image of Arctic politics. Using Google Image Search, we compare the pervasiveness of this image with a small selectin of potential image-events of the Arctic, representing different storylines of Arctic politics, and find that they remain comparatively marginal. The chapter considers why the flag-planting image remains so central to Arctic geopolitics by briefly discussion reception and re-use of the flag-planting image in Canada, Russia and the United States.

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  • DOI: 9780367460662
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  • Språk: English
  • Title of book/report: Visual Representations of the Arctic Imagining Shimmering Worlds in Culture, Literature and Politics
  • Beskrivelse av del: Chapter 9