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Resolving Brexit

Publisert: 25. jan. 2019

Brexit is in crisis. The options are limited, and they have not changed much since 2016.
Now, time is running out.
Exiting the EU without an agreement, widely recognized as the worst option, is the default. Moreover, this is no longer simply a question about how to deal with the EU. Brexit is a test of whether a democratic political system can resolve difficult and divisive issues in a credible and robust way. The stakes are therefore high.
Themes Europe The EU Diplomacy International organizations Researchers Ulf Sverdrup Director BI Nick Sitter Professor, BI Norwegian Business School Events Fri 25 Jan 2019 Europe through the Russian TV lens Time: 09:00 Location: NUPI What images of Europe does Russian TV convey to its viewers?
What are the dominant Russian media narratives on Europe? Wed 6 Feb 2019 Chinese cyber security and consequences for Europe All events about Europe, the eu, diplomacy, international organizations (total 4) There is now a genuine risk that the political system in the UK tears itself apart, or at least inflicts deep and lasting scars on itself, and ends up with a solution that very few would prefer. As long as Brexit is exclusively a Conservative project, or even exclusively Theresa May’s project, this impasse is unlikely to be broken. What to do? The most obvious way of moving beyond the present stalemate is to establish a cross-party task force.

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