The EU's performance with and within NATO: assessing objectives, outcomes and organisational practices

Book title: The Performance of the EU in International Institutions

Publisert: 21. feb. 2014

The chapter analyses the EU’s performance as a security actor in the context of NATO, both in institutional cooperation with NATO, and when acting as a bloc of member states within NATO. Departing from a definition of “performance” as the ability to achieve pre-set objectives (effectiveness) in an efficient, relevant and viable manner, we observe that the EU’s performance in the context of NATO remains limited. This could be seen as a reflection of underlying political divergences between the two organisations, hampering systematic and formalised intra-institutional cooperation, as well as effective cooperation between the EU member states in NATO. More importantly, it has resulted in the emergence of informal and ad hoc EU practices in the context of EU-NATO cooperation as well as parallel EU and NATO practices

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