Variations on Public Brainpower: Findings from Country Case Studies of Oil- and Gas-Producing Countries

Book title: Public Brainpower: Civil Society and Natural Resource Management

Publisert: 24. aug. 2018

This chapter sums up the 18 case-study chapters that make up the bulk of this volume and prepares the ground for the concluding chapter. It begins by reviewing and highlighting the case-study findings, followed by notes and reflections on some general challenges encountered in the preparation of the book and the research conducted for the case studies. Inaccessibility of information and lack of expertise in some countries indicate a lack of available minds and voices to record, analyse, comment on and propose changes to petroleum policy in those countries. The impact of censorship extends well beyond the borders of authoritarian states, affecting, for instance, the statements and publications of foreign experts who may fear losing access to visas and contacts in countries where they have spent their entire careers building up their professional competence.

  • Utgivelsesår: 2018
  • Forlag: Palgrave Macmillan
  • Antall sider: 428
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Sider: 369 - 386