Darmen Koktov


Darmen Koktov is an intern with the Research Group on Russia, Asia and International Trade at NUPI. He works in the LORAX, LegitRuss and the OSCE projects.

Darmen is an MA candidate in European and Russian Affairs at the University of Toronto, Canada. He holds a Master of International Relations degree from KIMEP University, Kazakhstan. His current thesis examines the different outcomes of power transitions in Kyrgyzstan in 2017 and Kazakhstan in 2019.

  • Research project

    Cooperation between the OSCE Academy and NUPI

    2020 - 2023 (Ongoing)

    The project consists of a wide range of activities including capacity-building of the OSCE Academy as a regional meeting point for research and education, support for two MA programmes in Politics and Security and Economic Governance and Development and research activities.