Frida Bjørneseth

PhD candidate

Frida Bjørneseth is a research fellow with the research group on Global Order and Diplomacy. She holds a MSc in International Relations and Development, with a specialization in Refugee Studies, from Aalborg University.

Bjørneseth has previously worked as a research assistant in sociology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and as a research assistant and communications intern in Uganda. Her main areas of expertise are development, humanitarian issues and migration, primarily focused on Sub-Saharan Africa, but she is also interested in topics such as borders, violence, power and globalization. She has field experience from Uganda, Spain, Morocco, Thailand and Myanmar, and has also studied abroad at the American University in Cairo.

At NUPI, Bjørneseth will be working on the project Developmentality and the anthropology of partnership (DevAnt), where she will do research on partnership between faith-based organizations in Ethiopia and Norway. She is also the book reviews editor for the journal Forum for Development Studies.