John Karlsrud

Research Professor, Head of the Research group on peace, conflict and development

Dr. John Karlsrud is Research Professor and Head of the Research Group on Peace, Conflict and development.

Karlsrud earned his PhD at the University of Warwick. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of the journals Internasjonal Politikk and Contemporary Security Policy. Karlsrud has been a Visiting Fulbright Fellow at the Center on International Cooperation at New York University, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the International Peace Institute

Topics of particular interests are norm change, peacekeeping, peacebuilding and humanitarian issues. He previously served as Special Assistant to the United Nations Special Representative in Chad and as part of the UN Development Programme’s leadership programme LEAD. His latest article is Towards UN counter-terrorism operations?(Third World Quarterly, 2017) and he will soon publish UN peace operations in the 21st century: The UN at war (Palgrave, 2017) and UN Peacekeeping Doctrine in a New Era (Routledge 2017, co-edited with Cedric de Coning and Chiyuki Aoi). He has recently published Norm Change in International Relations (Routledge, 2016) and The Future of African Peace Operations: From the Janjaweed to Boko Haram (Zed Books, 2016, co-edited with Cedric de Coning and Linnéa Gelot). His article "The UN at War: Examining the Consequences of Peace Enforcement Mandates for the UN Peacekeeping Operations in the CAR, the DRC and Mali" from 2015 is the second most downloaded article in the journal Third World Quarterly.

He has worked in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Chad, Palestine (West Bank), Norway and USA, and conducted field research and shorter missions to Haiti, Liberia, Mozambique, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Ukraine.