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Maren Garberg Bredesen




Former employee

Tags:  Russia and Eurasia Russia and Eurasia

Maren Garberg Bredesen was affiliated with the Research group on Security and Defence until January 2020.

Her research interests are military theory and strategy, security policy (in particular NATO-Russia relations), and security- and defence cooperation in Europe with a focus on the Nordic countries. Currently she is looking at Nordic defence cooperation (NORDEFCO) in view of the security landscape in the Baltic Sea and High North.

In addition, she has an interest in democratisation and security sector governance and reform (SSG/R) in the former Soviet Union, more specifically in the South-Caucasus and Central Asia. From 2017-2019 she worked on these topics at the OSCE’s Conflict Prevention Centre in Vienna, and later at the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe. In Tajikistan she led a country wide project on police reform, focusing on democratic policing and prevention of violent extremism (PVE).

She has an BA in International Relations from Queen Mary University of London and an MA in War Studies from King’s College London. She has also studied Russian at the University of Oslo.

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