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POWER:Several NUPI researchers analyses how the EU affects the rest of the world through their regulatory power in a recent publication.

Foreign Affairs book review

Published: 29 Apr 2016

Research professor Jakub Godzimirski's (NUPI) volume on EU leadership in energy and environmental governance is reviewed in the most recent issue of Foreign Affairs.

Jakub Godzimirski (NUPI) has edited the anthology EU Leadership in Energy and Environmental Governance: Global and Local Challenges and Responses,focusing on the impact of the changing global distribution of power on the EU's energy policy and ability to project its approach to energy-related issues abroad. The volume maps the EU's changing position on global energy, the impact of various factors on its energy policy, and its relations with Russia, China, the USA and Brazil.

According to Foreign Affairs, the leading forum for serious discussion of American foreign policy and global affairs, 'this volume of EU-funded research offers a useful introduction to some of the key data and perspectives'. Read the full review here.