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Centre for International Economics and Trade

International trade and economic policy is a key ingredient of foreign policy, in Norway and at the global level. With globalisation, international economic issues have become even more important, and the havoc from Trump and Brexit has made the need for research-based knowledge in the field even more urgent.

Addressing this, NUPI has – different from many other international relations institutes – had a research group on international economics and trade for more than 50 years.

Currently part of the research group in Russia, Asia and International Trade (RAIT), the Centre for International Economics and Trade at NUPI coordinates research in the area. 

Key staff members are currently (see profiles for CV and publication overview):

Senior Research Fellow Hege Medin, Ph.D. from the Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen (2013), with specialisation in trade and trade policy, and particular emphasis on barriers to trade and firm-level analysis. She has also contributed to various applied trade policy projects at NUPI. 

Senior Research Fellow Arne Melchior,  Ph. D. in economics from the University of Oslo (1997). He has headed research on international economics at NUPI for about 18 years, and about 40 research projects. His focus is theoretical and applied research on international trade, economic geography and trade policy, with a recent focus on numerical modeling of world trade.

Research Professor Hildegunn Nordås, Ph. D. in economics from the University of Bergen (1998). After working 14 years for the OECD, as a key expert on international services trade, she joined NUPI in 2019. She also has a part-time visiting professor affiliation at Ørebro University. Her research has a focus on econometrics, digitisation and international services trade. 

Research Professor (emeritus) Jens Chr. Andvig, Ph.D. in economics from the University of Oslo (1986). Focus on institutional economics, corruption, comparative economics and history of economic thought. Retired but still active as emeritus. 

In addition, the centre regularly includes part-time affiliates, visiting fellows and student trainees.

The centre cooperates in various projects with several researchers and institutions in Norway and abroad, and within NUPI in order to provide inter-disciplinary perspectives on international economic issues, for example Responsible Innovation, Welfare and Happiness: A New Approach to the Effects of ICTs (RCN, 2014-2020), a large-scale project on ICT, coordinated by TIK/University of Oslo, with NUPI as a main partner and international partners in the UK and India and Consequences for the seafood industry of termination of the EEA Agreement (Norwegian Seafood Research Fund, 2019-2020), a collaborative project between NUPI and Norwegian partners (University of Oslo, Nofima, SNF and others), leading to a book in 2020. 

During 2018-2019, the centre hosted a seminar series on trade policy challenges, with prominent international speakers. The seminars were streamed online (click on the events in the side bar for more information and streaming links). In addition, the following popular science publications are also available:

Regularly and in addition to the long-term academic projects, the centre has carried out a number off applied projects on trade policy: Trade war, trade agreements, TTIP and more. An overview with key publications is found here:

Applied projects on trade and international economy since 2010.docx (28.5 kB)