Bildet viser nordiske flagg Foto: Søren Sigjufsson/Creative Commons/CC BY 2.0
Research programme

The Nordic in the world

What unites and what divides the Nordic countries when faced with international challenges? How do the Nordic countries interact with and relate to one another inside and outside of institutions like NATO and the EU? What promise does the “the Nordic model” hold for other states today? How can Nordic research institutions join forces when they have overlapping research agendas and interests?

Nordic cooperation has been at the heart of NUPI’s research agenda since the institute was first established by the Norwegian parliament in 1959. The research programme «Norden in the world» organizes NUPI’s research on foreign policy in the Nordic region, as well its research cooperation with Nordic partners. The programme is cross-cutting and involves researchers from all of NUPI’s research groups as well as from NUPI’s communication department. NUPI’s two Scandinavian-language journals Internasjonal Politikk and Nordisk Østforum form an important part of the programme. NUPI is also a member of NORDOC, which is a Nordic working group for librarians working on international issues. 


Two key research projects under the programme is Nordisk Forskarutbyte, which facilitates research exchange between NUPI and its sister institutes in the Nordic region, and Nordic responses to geopolitical challenges (2017-2018) which maps and compares the Nordic countries’ current discussions when faced with a changing international political environment.


The research projects Europe in transition (EUNOR) and Evaluating Power Political Repertoires (EPOS) both have an explicit Nordic component, as do the seminar series NATO towards Warsaw, China and the Nordics and Norway meets Europe. 

Associated researchers: Ulf Sverdrup, Karsten Friis, Nina Græger, Pernille Rieker, Halvard Leira, Iver B. Neumann, Bjørnar Sverdrup-Thygeson