NUPI 60 years

July 1st 1959 the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs was founded by the Norwegian Parliament. In 2019 we turn 60 years, and this we will celebrate throughout the year with a range of events and treats.

NUPI was founded by the Norwegian Parliament in 1959. The mandate was to "contribute to insights into questions of relations between peoples through research and analysis, and to spread information about international relations.". The birth of the institute was the result of a combination of initiatives, both from the Parliament and the Foreign Ministry, and from the later to be professor of political science Knut Midgaard. NUPI was modeled after the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Great Britain - Chatham House, already established in 1920.

The starting grant from the Parliament was 100.000 Norwegian kroner, and gave NUPI the opportunity to have two employees. Today, NUPI has around 60 scientific employees, as well as administration and communication departments Through our 60 year history, NUPI´s research has covered a wide range of topics, but it has all the same always been adjusted to the needs and demand from Norwegian and international society. NUPI has been a center for information about foreign polic issues through seminars, conferences and publications, and NUPI employees have had public offices, including in several governments. 

In the anniversary year of 2019 we will, as we usually do, focus more on the current situation in the world and future topics than on our own history. Through a series of anniversary events, activities and surprises, we will put a focus on topics we believe to be both central and interesting. You are welcome to participate!

Anniversary committee