Norway's Russia policy: Realistic or idealistic?

Wed 5 Dec 2012
Time: 10:00 Location: Litteraturhuset, Henrik Wergeland-salen Language: Norwegian Available seats: 0

How has Norway's policy towards Russia developed over the last 20 year? Is it governed by interests, values or both? And how successful is our Russia policy?

This year's conference takes a closer look at different aspects of Norway's Russia policy, including trade and commerce, resource management, cooperation on environmental issues and human rights. The topics will be presented through a number of case studies.

Coffee and registration (8.30-9.00)

Program (9.00-15.30)

Part 1 (9.00-12.30)

  • Welcome

    Ulf Sverdrup, director, NUPI

  • Opening lecture

    Øyvind Nordsletten, General Consul in Murmansk, former ambassador to Moscow

  • Norway's Russia policy in a wider perspective

    Halvard Leira, NUPI

 Three case-studies

  • Business policy

    Lars Petter Lunden, Signa Group

  • Military cooperation

    Steve Olsen, Norwegian Joint Headquarters

  • Fishery

    Ann Kristin Jørgensen, FNI

  • Moderator: Heidi Kjærnet, NUPI

Coffee break (11.05-11.15)

Three case-studies

  • The Arctic Council

    Elana Wilson Rowe, NUPI

  • Svalbard

    Jørgen Holten Jørgensen, Directorate for Cultural Heritage

  • Energy

    Indra Øverland, NUPI

  • Moderator: Tor Bukkvoll, FFI

Lunch (12.30-13.15)

Part 2 (13.15-15.30)

Three case-studies

  • Environmental cooperation

    Lars Rowe, FNI and IFS

  • Civil society support

    Kirsti Stuvøy, Lillehammer University College

  • Human rights

    Aage Borchgrevink, The Norwegian Helsinki Committee

  • Moderator: Anja Kristine Salo, The Norwegian Barents Secretariat

Panel debate 

  • Torgeir Larsen, AP, State Secretary at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ane Tusvik Bonde, Human Rights House Oslo
  • Morten Høglund, FrP, member of the Norwegian Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence
  • Morten Jentoft, NRK
  • Kristian Krohg-Sørensen, NRK