Afghanistan, Taliban and migration

Thu 7 Oct 2021
Time: 14:00 Location: Zoom

What will be the consequences of Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan with regards to migration?

The abrupt fall of the government and the taking over of Kabul by the Taliban have worsened the fragile economic situation and caused a grave humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. This raises concerns about possible massive migration from the country. How does the situation in Afghanistan under the Taliban look like and what are the prospects for the future? Will human rights violations and poverty push many more Afghans to seek safety abroad leading to a new refugee crisis? What can the international community, and European Union in particular do to prepare and prevent a worst-case scenario? 

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  • Thomas Ruttig, Afghanistan Analyst Netwrok
  • Arne Strand, Chr. Michelsen Institute
  • Jolanta Szymańska, Polish Institute of International Affairs

Chair: Morten Boas, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs