Photograph: A. Davey/Creative Commons/CC BY-NC ND 2.0

How to do development studies?

Published: 4 Jun 2018

Forum for Development Studies addresses the absence of a designated method.

‘Methods and methodologies are usually specific to different scholarly disciplines. Due to the interdisciplinary orientation of development studies, the discipline has no explicit or designated method,’ says Jon Harald Sande Lie, editor of Forum for Development Studies

The journal is just out with a new special issue focusing on “Qualitative method/ologies in Development Studies”. This special issue has been edited by Anne Waldrop and Hilde Arntsen, both from the Oslo Metropolitan University.

Seeks to fill a void

‘This special issue seeks to fill that void in providing empirically grounded reflections and discussions of methodological concern. The articles all draw on the researchers’ own experience from doing development studies but from different scholarly backgrounds,’ says Sande Lie.

The issue would be of relevance to all engaged in methodological debates regardless of discipline. It should be of particular relevance to scholars of development studies, but also to its students and prospective researchers who seek greater deliberation about the method and methodologies both before and after conducting fieldwork.

Download articles for free

If this sounds interesting, two articles have been made freely available and can be downloaded following the links below:

Household Histories and methodological triangulation” by Jo Helle-Valle and Axel Borchgrevink

Distance/ relation: doing fieldwork with social media” by Nanna Schneidermann.

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