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Den flerhodede dragen – Mot en ny modell for kinesisk utenrikspolitikk?

Published: 6 Mar 2020

Societal development in China in the past few decades has made pluralism a central feature in the way Chinese policy is decided and implemented. Old formal actors are now facing competition from new, informal actors in both public and civil spheres. As a consequence, China’s formal foreign policy is now but one of many voices outwards. On the basis of a systematic description of important actors and lines of governance in today’s China, in this article I argue that the state of affairs can be described as «pluralized authoritarianism». The model is illustrated with an analysis of China’s behaviour in the South China Sea in the period 2007–2012.

  • Published year: 2014
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  • Page count: 29
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Volume: 72
  • Journal: Internasjonal politikk