Territorialstatens tilstand i dagens Midtøsten

Published: 13 Mar 2019

How to understand the contemporary Middle East? Despite a growing literary landscape attempting to illuminate this complex region, this question should not be taken lightly. This essay discusses how the following books contributes to our understanding of the region today: Brennpunkt Midtøsten: Byene som prisme (Butenschøn & Maktabi 2018), Fra opprør til kaos: Midtøsten etter den arabiske våren (Nordenson 2018) and Israel: Historie, politikk og samfunn (Heian-Engdal 2018). While the books have different thematical approaches, all three describe and analyse the current state of the region’s territorial entities. Although concepts such as sovereignty and territorial integrity does not necessarily make much sense in the region today, the authors explain why it is unlikely that we are going to see any changes in existing state formations in the foreseeable future.