The Limits and Achievements of Regional Governance in Security: NORDEFCO and the V4

Published: 21 Aug 2015

Both Norway and Poland have engaged in regional security and defence cooperation projects: NORDEFCO and the Visegrad Group (V4), respectively. Such initiatives are seen as a promising method for reinforcing military capabilities in a time of deep cuts in defence budgets among the EU Member States. The record of NORDEFCO and the V4 remains, though, rather modest, particularly when compared to the ambitious declarations made at their beginnings. Both cooperation formats have proved effective with regards to less-complicated projects, such as those involving military education, training or logistics. However, common procurement and real integration in some capability areas has turned out to be too difficult. Yet, these failures have helped to identify factors that may make success more likely, and this result is shared by both NORDEFCO and the V4, despite the structural differences between these two mechanisms of security governance.