Peace operations are among the most important international mechanisms for contemporary conflict management. However, their effectiveness remains the subject of debate in both the policy and academic communities.

International organizations that conduct peace operations, like the United Nations, have come under increasing pressure to justify their impact. Although various initiatives are underway to improve the ability of these organizations to assess their performance, there is a lack of independent, external research about the effectiveness of peace operations.

To address this gap, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) together with 18 partners from across the globe have established an international network to undertake research into the effectiveness of peace operations. The overall aim of EPON is to enhance the effectiveness of international peace operations, by enabling and supporting collaborative research.

NUPI has pleasure of inviting you to a seminar to discuss the findings of the first three research studies that the Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network (EPON) have undertaken in 2018.


  • 1000 Welcome and introductions – Kari Osland, Head of the Peace, Conflict and Development Research Group at NUPI
  • 1005 Introducing the Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network (EPON) – Cedric de Coning, Senior Research Fellow, NUPI
  • 1015 Panel discussion:
    • MONUSCO (DRC) – Alexandra Novossoloff, Non-Resident Fellow, International Peace Institute (IPI)
    • MINUSMA (Mali) – Jair van der Lijn, Head of the Peace Operations and Conflict Management Programme, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
    • AMISOM (Somalia) – Linda Darkwa, Coordinator Training for Peace (TfP)
  • 1045  Discussion
  • 1120  Wrap-up, Next steps & Closing

The seminar will be live streamed on NUPI's YouTube channel: