At the end of June, the G20 – representing the world’s largest state economies – will meet in Japan. Aging, economic growth, the sustainable development goals (SDG) and global order in turbulent times are on the agenda. Yet the G20 is basically a gathering of coastal states, many of whom look to the sea for expanded economic growth. Supporting marine biodiversity and reducing marine plastic pollution is already a G20 priority.

What more can the world’s wealthiest states do to promote good ocean governance? NUPI with colleagues has written a paper on these questions for the T20 process that provides research input to the G20.

The oceans are now a priority issue on the global political agenda and a number of new governance issues initiatives are underway.  Our invited speakers ensure that we widen the scope of discussion to include the High Level Panel on Ocean Sustainability, the UN Global Compact and Norwegian foreign policy. What are the governance gaps that need to be addressed in ensuring the sustainable management of oceans? What can Norway – a country that manages sea areas seven times its landmass – do to shape and lead on ocean governance?

This seminar serves to launch NUPI’s Center for Ocean Governance and brings together commentators from research, government and the private sector. Director at NUPI, Ulf Sverdrup will moderate the seminar.


  • Professor Elana Wilson Rowe (NUPI): G20 perspectives/findings from the T20 paper
  • Special Advisor Unni Kløvstad (MFA): Norway’s global role in promoting a healthy and wealthy ocean through sustainable ocean management and protection of marine ecosystems
  • Professor Alf Håkon Hoel (University of Tromsø): Key messages from the science community regarding the oceans
  • Special Advisor Sturla Henriksen, (UN Global Compact): Private sector capacity and initiative for good global governance
  • Discussant: Senior Policy Advisor Shirley Ong, Canadian International Arctic Centre

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and audience q&a.

The seminar will be live streamed on NUPI's YouTube channel: