The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put Europe in an acute crisis. The situation has grave security implications for the region – including Norway, but also equally grave economic implications and humanitarian implications. We can also expect the crisis to influence integration and cooperation in the whole of Europe and the EU.

NUPI and The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) are very happy to welcome Mark Leonard, co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, to a public event at NUPI. Mr. Leonard is also the author of the recent book The Age of Unpeace: How Connectivity Causes Conflict, which offers important insights of very high relevance in today´s situation.

Central questions we will touch upon are:

  • What does the Ukraine war mean for security in Europe and Norway, short term and long term?
  • What does it mean for our economies, trade, and for the business sector? How will the sanctions affect us?
  • How can Europe handle the coming humanitarian and migration crisis?
  • What will it mean for European integration, cooperation and political development? How should Norway position itself?


  • Welcome, Ulf Sverdrup, Director, NUPI
  • Introduction, Tore Myhre, international Director, NHO
  • Introduction, Mark Leonard, Director, ECFR
  • Comment, Ulf Sverdrup, Director, NUPI
  • Dialogue and discussion between Mark Leonard (ECFR) and Ulf Sverdrup (NUPI) with questions from the audience, moderated by Tore Myhre (NHO).

The event will take place at NUPI, but you can also follow us live on NUPI’s YouTube channel here without registering.